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We have served the Greater London area since 1998, here is a list of some of our private and corporate clients.

Properties developers.

Dawson Heath Properties LTD
54 Enterprise Centre Cranborne Road
Project: Environmental noise and ground vibration dose VDV assessment for the Davidsons Road new development.

Jordan+Bateman Architects.
The Sail Loft, Limehouse Court 3 11 Dod Street
Project: Noise impact assessments BS 4142 for a cluster of new air conditioning units at The Royal Norwegian Embassy 25 Belgrave Square London.

Seed Design Building Brand.
1 Queens Square Bath, BA1 2HA
Project: Noise impact assessment BS4142 of restaurants ventilation systems on various different sites.

Andrew Lock Design
12 Evangelist Road, London
Noise impact assessments of restaurants ventilation systems on various different sites.

British Electrical Limited
Project: Ground Vibration VDV and noise exposure level monitoring on a building site sensitive to vibration for the presence of sensitive control systems.

Zetland House
5-25 Scrutton Street, London.
Projects: Building acoustics, according with the approved doc E building regulations, sound insulation testing, facade design, PPG24, ground vibration monitoring, environmental assessments according with National Planning Policy Framework, the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) and BS4142 2014 requirements. in support of numerous planning applications.

Flat504, 560 Chiswick High Rd, London.
Project: Noise impact assessment and acoustic enclosure design.

Blaisea Architectural Limited
Tel 01895876204
Project: Design and modeling of an acoustic fence.

Hamlet Property Developments Ltd.
755A Leabridge Road London.
Project: Noise and vibration exposure monitoring, and the acoustic modeling of the quiet garden area within the development.

Simon Matthew & Co.Ltd. Chartered Surveyors
26 High St. Ingatestone Essex t.01277 352501.
Project: Noise and vibration exposure monitoring, and the acoustic modeling of the quiet garden area within the development.

Dow Properties Limited
Project: Environmental noise impact assessment and design of a sustainable mitigation measure.

MAB Interior design and consultant limited
International House 1-6 Yarmouth place London.
Project: Environmental noise impact assessment according with the National Planning Policy Framework, the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) and BS4142 2014 requirements.

74 Devonshire Road W4 2HT
Project: PPG24 Noise assessments.

Abal Establishment
Suite No 9 42, Great Smith Street Westminster, London.
Project: Environmental noise assessment for pre-planning application.

The Marloe partnership
57 Ecclestop Rd. London
Project: Noise exposure level (PPG24) monitoring and facade design to achieve recommended criteria.

The Fireplace.
Ilford, Essex, Telephone: 020 8220 0056
Project: Design and consultations, Building Acoustisc measurements.

Landscape Properties 219 Bethnal Green Road, London
Project: Sound Iinsulation testing Building acoustic measurement tests according with the approved doc E building regulations.


Navalimpianti Spa
Via Terza Armata, 18, 34074 Monfalcone (GO)
Progetto: Stima impatto acustico dell attivita interna e dell’annesso parco materiali.

B&B Industrial Dismantling Limited
4 Queen Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 2AN
Tel: 01909 477799
Project: Noise impact assessment of a railway demolition operation.

Spherae Srl
Via del Cotonificio, 32, 34170 – Gorizia (I)
Progetto: Stima di impatto acustico riguardante l’attivita di riciclaggio.

Unit 12, Set Star Estate Transport Avenue, London,
Project: Acoustic flooring construction with marble surface, design involving estimation of an exhisting carpeted floor noise insulation value and build an acoustic equivalent floor with a marble tiles finish.

Denison Rd, Selby YO8 8AN
Project: Enviromental noise impact assessment of the plant using the acoustic camera Nor848, in collaboration with Microbel Italia, our task was mainly to assist as an UK based consultants.

HI-TEN Reinforcement Company Division of HI-TEN
Middlesex TW18 2BJ
Project: Noise at work assessment and mitigation of an existing noise problem caued by a metal cutting operation.

1st Byte Printing,
Units 1&2, Bakers Yard, London
Project: Acoustc enclosure design for the mitigation of an industrial noise emission from the prinitng facility.

H C H Surveyors Ltd,
18 Elm Close Amersham Buckinghamshire t.01494 419944
Project: Resolving an industrial noise emission nuisance.

Office Design & Project Services LTD
Limewood Centre Ring Road, Leeds Telephone: 0113 218 8111
Project: Enviromental impact assessment for industrial condenser units to be installed on roof top and development of a suitable noise mitigation solution.

2-5 Duke of York Square London
Project: Industrial noise emission from a refrigerator installation, and provision of a suitable mitigation measure.

ASA Global Ltd Engineering Solutions
Project: Enviromental noise impact for industrial air extraction units and study of a noise mitigation.

Pizzeria Cavour di Savino Clelia
Piazza Cavour 2 Monfalcone GO.
Project: Enviromental noise impact assessment.


The Cally festival
Earlsferry Way, London N1.
Project: We have been appointed now for the third consecutive year to manage the entertainment noise at the festival, monitoring the live music open-air event, the festival is thriving successfully free from any particular noise issue thanks also to our proposal to raise maximum noisel limit, proposal that was accepted buy the local council .

148 Holloway Road London N7 8DD Tel 020 7700 0099
Project: The club was under noise abatement proceedings, we assessed the noise problem at the venue, and found the way to resolve the noise nuisance through an electro acoustic modification of the sound system which saved quite a few bucks to the client. In addition we succeeded in increasing internal music level at the club by 11dBA above the previous limits imposed by the council, both the council and the client where very satisfied of the result achieved. .

40-42 Charterhouse Street London
Project: Acoustic calibration and electroacoustic modification of the sound source to acieve desired levels and best sound quality.

Charterhouse Bar
38 Charterhouse Street London
Project: Project: Acoustic calibration and electroacoustic modification of the sound source to acieve desired levels and best sound quality.

Old Crown PH
90 Highgate Hill, London
Project: To investigate a noise nuisance problem in relation to licencing and provide noise sustenibile noise mitigation guidelines.

Shepherds Bar
G11 Shepherds Building London.
Project: Redesign the club sound system to eradicate a noise nuisance problem while improving sound quality and sound level, and to provide on site noise control services during live concerts to prevent further noise nuisance.

Divine Fitness LTD
Enfield Town Middx North London
Project: Acoustic design of a dance & fitness studio.

10 Golborne Road Notting Hill London.
Project: Electroacoustic modification and limiter calibration to eradicate a noise nuisance problem while improving loudness and music quality.

Miura Bar & Kitchen
54 Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell, London.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7358 5454
Project: Evaluation of the building envelope sound insulation characteristics, desing for the maximum sound quality and loudness without significant sound level intruding the adjacent properties, through electroacoustic modification of the sound source and calibrated sound SPL limiters.


NTERARCHITECT Chartered Architects – Space Planners
39, Forestdale, London N14 7DY
Project: Noise impact assessment of a new nursery and outdoor playground area, the project required an acoustic barrier to protect local amenities, our design achieved compliance with current noise regulations.

BPP Professional Education
1 London Wall Building
Project: Appointed consultants for a series of educational documentaries for online streaming and DVD publishing, we have carried out recording, mastering, cleaning and encoding of audio material.

Nuisance Investigations.

St. Georgio Hotel
446-464 Cranbrook Road, Gant Hill, Ilford, IG2 6LL.
Project: Investigating a noise disturbance caused by entertainment noise from an adjacent club, a full noise and structural vibration study was carried out and an adequate noise mitigation solution ha been proposed to prevent noise been transmitted through the separating floor.

SL Property Consultants.

Office address: 174 Battersea Park Road London SW11 4ND

We have worked for SL consultants on an number of high profile properties in central London consulting on carpets to hardwood conversions providing noise insulation scheme and noise insulation acoustical testing.

Lamberts Chartered Surveyors.
387 City Road, London EC1V 1NA London.
Project: Investigating a long term noise disturbance within an exclusive building in central London, the disturbance was tracked down to the basement plant room and discovered thanks to a multichannel recording system.

Jaguar Building Services LTD
Building 7, West Ferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London.
Project: Investigating a noise disturbance within the large air conditioning and extraction system and design a specific mitigation solution.

Frazione Devetachi n! 5 34070 – Doberdo’ del Lago (GO)
Project: Transportation noise pollution investigation in the natural conservation area of Doberdo’ del Lago in the province of Gorizia, Italy.

14 Manor House
250 Marylebone Road, London.
Project: Domestic noise nuisance investigation.

1 Blegborough Road, London.
Project: Investigation of a low frequency noise nuisance.

Recording facilities and private studios.

BPP Professional Education
1 London Wall Building
Project: Design for a new voice over facility and development of a series seminar to train BPP staff in the use of the new studio facility.

Blossom House School
8A The Drive, Wimbledon.
Project: Acoustic design for several music therapy rooms within the exshisting building of the school.

Flat 119, Bryanston Court, London.
Project: We have been appointed to estimate and design the requirements for using the living room as rehearsal space for a string quartet. We analyzed the acoustic characteristics of the space and suggested the appropriate course of action. The client was fully satisfied. We also had a mention on The Pianist magazine about this project. (Download Link Read the article).

Lauderdale Tower,
Barbican estate London.
Project: Consultation and acoustic design for a music room for private.