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Noise Measurements Solutions is an environmental noise organization that bring together a multi disciplinary team of professionals from various field such as acoustics, sound engineering, architecture, design, landscaping and art within a flexible work environment to offer a tailor made consulting and assessment service for small private and larger corporate clients.

Noise measurement solutions concern the management and mitigation of noise and vibration, achieving good design and effective planning in the built and natural environment

We use the science of acoustics to assess and then optimize the sound characteristics of enclosed spaces where we gather to live, work, learn, play or pray.

Our dynamic team of acoustic consultants offers clear advice in acoustics , noise and vibration for a wide range of scenarios and industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

We investigate and mitigate noise control problems wherever they impinge on standards or expectations — in and around buildings, communities or industrial zones

We aim to study the most efficient solutions to our clients problem using innovative and sustainable solutions, at NMS we focus on helping communities entrepreneur and businesses to comply with current environmental pollution regulations.

NMS Acoustics operates in UK nationwide and since 2011 in Italy from our office near Udine in Friuli Venezia Giulia. NMS Acustica