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NMS Acoustics - Noise and vibration engineers London - Helping business and entrepreneurs since 1998

NMS is an en consultancy studio based in Greater London, specializing in noise, acoustical and vibration surveys, operating with 20+ years of experience UK and nationwide. We are committed to resolve acoustical issues through the study of the most appropriated and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Acoustic consultancy services: Acoustic analysis of noise and vibrations.

Our Clients.

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At Noise Measurements Solutions we have 20+ years of experience in Environmental Assessments surveys, entertainment noise, planning applications, nuisance investigations and the provision of building reg, Doc E Pre-completion tests. NMS is committed to a better acoustic environment by applying innovative and sustainable solutions.

Building Acoustics: Testing according with approved doc E building regulations.

We produce comprehensive survey reports with detailed specifications for sound insulation S.I. tests in buildings according to BS ISO 717 and BS ISO 104 standards. We are under European Union regulations certified as competent acoustic engineers to carry out field measurements and to produce acoustic assessments and calculations.

Environmental Noise surveys.

Environmental Noise assessments based on PPG24 and BS ISO 4142, determination of the lowest background ambient noise in accordance with the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework, the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE) requirements.

The modern approach to these studies should also take in account perceptual psychology and biological system to evaluate the broader spectrum of concern. We are actively involved in positive soundscape research which is the forefront of the current approach to environmental science noise studies within the urban and the natural environment.

Noise Safety at Work.

The Noise at Work Regulations 1989 (revised in 2006) say employers must reduce the risk of hearing damage to the lowest level reasonably practicable and maintain all equipment. The Regulations set two action levels, at 85 and 90 dBA.

Sound Reinforcement and entertainment noise.

We are aware of the importance of sound quality and the management of optimum sound levels for the success of the leisure and entertainment business. This call for a deep understanding of the psychological implication of human response to sound and music and for a specific knowledge in the prevention of noise nuisances which is often associated with the entertainment industry in densely populated areas. For many years we have been successfully involved in the leisure and entertainment business to provide optimal sustainable solution which reflected in continuous business growth for our clients.

We have offices in south west of England and northern Italy NMS Acustica.